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You know that feeling you get when your taste buds are happy? That’s what happens to every person who has a taste of Sugar Fix with Renai. Our baked goods can be pre ordered. Rest assured the goodies are made with the the finest, most delicious, local ingredients. Order your cookie cakes, cake, cookies, edible cookie dough, Hot Cocoa bombs  and ice cream cookies from us for your special event, or as a treat for someone sweet. Nothing shows you care more than freshly baked goods. We’d love to see you and serve you our freshest bakery sweets and treats at your next event!



Who We Are and What We Do

Our owner, Renai, has had a love for baking cookies since she was 12 years old. All of our goods are handcrafted, baked and served with a side of love. Order some cookies today to taste them for yourself!



Freshly Baked

At Sugar Fix with Renai, quality comes first. We only bake with the best ingredients. Everything that comes out of our oven is made with the utmost care.  You can smell and taste the difference in every bite! Contact us today for a tasty treat that you and your family will love.


$12.00 a dozen

Our OG (original goodness) Chocolate Chip Cookies are a longtime family favorite, and they hold a very special place in the hearts of all of our customers. Pre-order OG Chocolate Chip Cookies for special events. We also make specialty Chocolate chip as well. 

Original Goodness Chocolate Chip $12 dozen 

Dark Chocolate Chip $12 dozen 

M&M’s (15.00 a dozen) 

Crispy M&M’s ($16.00 a dozen) 

Caramel M&M’s ($16.00 a dozen)

Rolo Chocolate Chip ($16 a dozen)

Milk chocolate Raspberry (jelly like raspberry) ($18 a dozen)


Salty Caramel ($18.00 a dozen)  

Bacon N Caramel. ($20 a dozen) 

Turtle ($20 a dozen) 

Chocolate Covered Chip ($20) 

Dark Chocolate Raspberry $20 a dozen 

Buried Treasure (one of my chocolate caramel cookies with chocolate covered pretzels) $20    

**New!!  Variety dozen includes 4 OG Chocolate Chip Cookies along with 8 other flavors of your choice. $20 

**New** Try the thick chewy version of any of the cookies above!  Priced by the dozen. 

12 Thick and chewy Chocolate chip $18

12 Thick and chewy M&M $22

12 Thick and chewy Crispy M&M $24

12 Thick and chewy Caramel M&M $24

12 Thick and Chewy Rolo $24

12 Thick and Chewy Salted Caramel $27

12 Thick and Chewy Bacon N Caramel $30

12 Thick and Chewy Turtle. $30

12 Thick and Chewy Chocolate Covered Chip      $30

12 Thick and Chewy Buried Treasure $30 

ANY Chocolate covered specialty cookie $2.00 each. 


$12 a dozen for  Original Sugar Cookies

Maria’s Sweet Carmalatta (sugar cookies topped with caramel and Chocolate $15 a dozen 


$18 a dozen for Thick and Chewy Sugar Cookies

$25 a dozen for Thick and Chewy Iced Sugar Cookies
$24 for 18 Unicorn Sugar Shat Cookies. 

Our Sugar Cookies are a real crowd pleaser. The aroma of our Sugar Cookies is just so unbelievable it will transport you back to your grandmother’s home during the holidays. Customers love our Sugar Cookies, so we’ll keep baking them ‘til you’ve had enough!


$25 and up 

All of our customers just love our Cookie Cakes, and they keep coming back for more. Taste the Sugar Fix with Renai difference today. Your taste buds will be thrilled!
Cookie Cakes can be a single layer...but we also do a double layered cookie cake with your choice of filling!  Everyone has different preferences too.  Choose from Thin and Crispy or Thick and Chewy!! 

Single Cookie Cake $25 (feeds 8-10) Options are thin and crispy or thick and chewy
Specialty Single Cookie Cakes are $35

Double Layered Cookie Cake $35 (feeds 20-25) choose from thin and crispy or thick and chewy
Specialty layered cookie cakes are $45 
Monstrous Double Cookie Cake$50 (feeds 30-40) 
Cookie Dough Cookie Cake $60 (feeds 30-40) 

Choice of layers:Chocolate chip, Sugar Cookie, Butter Cookie,  Brownie, Peanut Butter Cookie
Fillings:Chocolate frosting, Vanilla frosting, Peanut Butter frosting, Chocolate Buttercream Frosting, Vanilla Buttercream Frosting, Caramel  
Additional $10 Fudge, Raspberry sauce, Strawberry Frosting

Some infamous cakes concoctions are: 
Brookie Cookie Cake:Brownie and chocolate chip oozing with caramel (Double $35 Monstrous $50) 
Birthday Cookie Cake:Sugar Cookies with Rainbow Sprinkles with Raspberry filling (single $25, double $40 Monstrous $55 Cookie Dough $65) 
Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookie Cake:Peanut Butter Cookies with Raspberry sauce filling (single $25, double $45, Monstrous $55, Cookie Dough $65) 
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookie CakeBrownie and Peanut Butter layers with Fudge filling and Peanut Butter Frosting drizzled with chocolate sauce (double $50, Monstrous $60 Cookie Dough $70) 
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cookie Cake:Brownie and Chocolate Chip with Fudge and Raspberry Filling (Double $50, Monstrous $60 Cookie Dough $70) 
**Single Cookie Cake Concoctions are Half and Half with “filling” on top!  


$3.25 each,  $34 a dozen, $18.00 half dozenDeals are only on a dozen and half dozen. ***$4 each for each Custom Cookie Sandwich. 1/2 dozen must be the same flavor. 

***Custom Ice cream sandwiches examples:Sugar cookies with Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream or Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cookie Dough ice cream 

Ice Cream Cookies are a hit!  You think the cookies are good?  Just wait till you devour one of these. 

Choice of: Chocolate chip or Sugar cookiesIce cream flavors: Chocolate, vanilla & strawberry 

*I can also custom order your ice cream cookies  



We also have a variety of specialty cookies available. 
$10 a dozen  

Butter Cookies, Oatmeal raisin cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies 
$15 a dozen  

Buckeyes, Krispie Buckeyes, Florentine Lace Cookies (seasonal, made November thru March)  Strawberry Sugar Cookies, Italian Wedding Cookies, Italian Ricotta Cookies, Lemon Meltaways


$5 Milk Chocolate

$6 Specialty Flavors with Milk Chocolate:      Chocolate Peanut Butter     Chocolate Peppermint**seasonal     Chocolate Caramel     Chocolate Salted Caramel      Mocha    Raspberry Mocha Chocolate Covered Cherry           Chocolate Covered Strawberry Chocolate Covered Banana      Mexican       XTreme Mexican
Dark Chocolate Flavors:Dark ChocolateOrange 
White Chocolate Flavors:
White chocolate Sugar Cookie **seasonal   Lemon CreamLime Cream              Orange  Cream  Cola Float  Coconut CreamChai Spiced Tea Peppermint **seasonal  November and December only   

Our Hot Cocoa Bombs are freshly made to order.   This Giant big ball of deliciousness will surely help get your sugar fix!  All of our customers just love our Hot Cocoa Bombs and keep coming back for more… some even twice in one day! Taste the Sugar Fix with Renai difference today. We look forward to seeing you!
$5 each Milk Chocolate or 6 for $25 $6 each Specialty or 6 for $30


$40 & up

Our Cookies are freshly baked and made to order. Try an assorted tray today! 
Cookie Trays:Original Cookie Tray: includes 4 dozen total of Butter, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip and peanut butter cookies $40

Chocolate Chip Lover:  pick your variety of our chocolate chip cookies, 4 dozen cookies total original, Crispy M&M, caramel M&M, Plain M&M, Salted Caramel, Caramel Bacon, Turtle,  Rolo, chocolate covered Chip, Buried Treasure $65

Assorted tray: includes 3 dozen or 6 dozen of assorted cookies (butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter, your choice on what variety of chocolate chips, strawberry sugar cookies and plain (no frosting) sugar cookies) 3 dozen $45 6 dozen $65

Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Lover: includes all varieties of our THICK AND CHEWY chocolate chip cookies, Includes 4 dozen cookies total original, Crispy M&M, caramel M&M, Plain M&M, Salted Caramel and Caramel Bacon, Turtle, Rolo, Chocolate Covered Chip, Buried Treasure $70

Do you want to make your own cookie tray? Contact me today for a special price. 


$14 and up 

Chocolate Covered Fruit $20
1 box contains: 4 chocolate covered bananas 4-6 chocolate covered strawberries (depending on the size) 8 chocolate covered apple slices and chocolate covered grapes. $20

Choose milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate.  

Chocolate Covered Bacon: $1.50 a piece 
Chocolate Covered Oreos.  Bag of 3 for $3 


$35 and up 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Delight 9 inch chocolate battered cake FILLED with Peanut Butter Frosting and Reese’s peanut butter cups, topped with more peanut butter frosting and garnished with a chocolate ganache and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups  $35
Unicorn Cake 9 inch White batter cake colored with your choice topped with buttercream frosting and decorated with flowers and stars with a buttercream color swirl. Colors are of your choosing. Topper and eyelashes are not edible. $50



Get an 8 ounce tub of your favorite Sugar Fix with Renai Cookie Dough!  
Some popular items are: 
Chocolate chip cookie dough Sugar Cookie dough Butter cookie dough Oatmeal cookie doughPeanut Butter Cookie doughBrownie Batter 


$12 and up 

After much poking and prodding I came up with a GLUTEN FREE line!  
Chocolate chip and sugar cookies to name a few!  If you would like any of my cookies gluten free!  Let me know me I will see if I can work things out for you! 



These Meltaway Cookies literally melt in your mouth. They come in a variety of flavors!  Keep checking back for more additional flavors! 

$15 a dozen! 


$15 and up 

Get your orders in for Saint Patty’s Day! 
7.5 inch Cookie Cake $205.5 inch Shamrock Cake, your choice of flavor $15Dozen Mint Chocolate Chip $15 Dozen Chocolate Chip with green sixlets $15Dozen St Patty’s day decorated thick and chewy sugar cookies $24


$22 and up 

7.5 inch Easter Cookie Cake with Cadbury egg chocolate chip $22
Lemon Cake:  Lemon battered cake with a Marcapone cream filling and cream cheese frosting topped with candied lemon zest and lemon meltaway cookies $45
Delize Al Limone: description coming soon 
Spring Iced thick and chewy Sugar Cookies $24 a dozen 
Cadbury egg chocolate Chip cookies: $16 a dozen 
Caramel Cadbury Chocolate Chip cookies $20 a dozen 



Are you looking for something fun and delish for your kids to do? Order a cookie decorating kit.  
Choose from:
 6 thick and chewy Sugar Cookies, 2 bags of frosting and 4 different kinds of sprinkles. $20OR12 thick ans chewy Sugar Cookies, 3 bags of frosting and 8 different kinds of sprinkles. $30

Call Sugar Fix with Renai today for any of these delicious products and more.



Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: Closed


Get your sugar fix today! We now accept shipping orders!  Contact us today for shipping costs! 







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